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30 July, 2010

Working with the Writing - Part II

Hey Gente!!

Heads up!!  Here is the latest information of the HIFC's WRITING WORKSHOP SERIES!!!!
TOMORROW I will be hosting the 2nd installment of the series!! The idea is simple: provide the public the opportunity to enjoy the poetry writing process in a stress free, fun environment. Here are the details:

Workshop Series Project for the Houston Institute for Culture - Content and Curriculum

Each workshop can be viewed as both self contained or a continuation of the previous session. Workshops will be two hours long: Lupe Mendez will run the 1st hour with the intent to provide practice examples from a variety of texts on poetry and prose. The second hour will be mainly go over the basics, to critique each others work, provide info, and practice simple creative writing/brainstorming exercises. Each workshop will have an assignment each participating poet will need to have ready for the following session.

Saturday, July 31st -  2nd Workshop – Personal Story and Writing
In this portion of the workshop, participants will explore the use of personal story, conflict or “issues” to power poetic writing. Participants will be introduced to works of Maria Palacios and Jasminne Mendez. Discussions will be had about how they use their background to fuel their writing.

3rd Workshop – Editing & Revising/ How it sounds
Participants will bring several copies of their work in order for other participants to edit and critique. Basic ideas and habit forming tips will be explored as the writers read each other’s work. Participants will also discuss how poetry sounds when they they hear Marlon Lizama and Jerome Washington in performance poetry and how is affects their themes and styles.

4th Workshop – Bridging the Gap – Fiction and Poetry
Writers will select one or two pieces they have worked on over the series and experience the pros and cons of keeping it short and sweet or expanding it throurghly.

Culminating Event:
Open Mic Showcase –
This event is specifically made for the participants of each of the series. Participants will have the opportunity to read workshop material or brand new material and obtain the full experience of performing written work. The showcase will be held on the last Friday or Saturday of the month of the workshop series. (THIS MIGHT CHANGE!!!)

Goal of the Poetry Workshop Series
These workshops are for all and any person who has the talent, the curiosity and the courage to put pencil to paper. No prior experience is required!!  The idea is to get the brain synapses firing for the novice and the expert alike.

SO, if missed the first session, don't worry!!!  There is plenty of room left and if the next one is anything like the first session, it should be a hell of fun time. 

Let me know if you are bold enough, and  have a couple of hours to show what you know (or don't know) and you want to join me, have a few laughs, meet some new people and just be damn creative, then please, please, come on in . . . I promise it won't hurt . . . alot.

If this isn't your cup of tea, then at least do me a favor and spread this far and wide, the more people see this the more chance to spread the love. See some of you soon (I hope)!!!

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