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13 September, 2011

Hey gente,

I think after a great summer, a new beginning (lost the teaching gig, but now counseling high schoolers), and now a new direction - its time to reset the clock, and fit in some time to write.  This blog post will be short, as I am working on calendar scheduling and working on a new chapbook. Aside from that, I am working with some friends to create a new format for poetry in this city.

A major shout out to poets from whom I draw my energy from, Marlon Lizama, Joe B, Maria Palacios, Dee!Colonize, Marie Brown, Fluent One, Outspoken Bean, Chris Wise and many, many more. It will be good to see your faces in the coming days.

A Big thank you to Gustavo Jacobo and the editors of the Bayou Review - for allowing me the take part in their 25th anniversary Spring issue!!  It was two poems and an interview- an amazing experience!!  Keep up the excellent work.

A huge gracias to University of Chester for a great review of Norton's Anthology of Latino Sudden Fiction - they actually reprinted my story from the anthology in their April issue of flash fiction.

And lastly, ponte listo, the newly minted PoetryCo. is making plans and warming up...

Take to the streets and create, mi gente, as Tony Diaz always says "Only Art Can Save Us Now"...