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20 July, 2010

Thanks, Gracias, Obrigado

Ok. so this past week was AMAZING.
The 5th annual Word Around Town (W.A.T.) Poetry Tour was a friggin' success!!!
A Big thank you to Stephen Gros and Teresa Juarez for leading the charge to getting this tour off the ground this year-  and Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to all the poets, venues and audience members that made it out to each show during all SEVEN DAYS!!!
The tour itself was awsome. This year we were blessed to have 14 poets (not all of them every night), and they gave it their all.   I am totally impressed with the OTHER poets that showed up as well, Zelene Pineda, Seth Walker and METAFOUR HOUSTON - a group of teen slam poets that were preparing for a competition in L.A. as we were finishing up the tour. I need to talk to Ms. Shannon Buggs about how they did. It is always a pleasure to meet so many new and refreshing poets and writers who keep this gig from getting too stale.  I guess that's one of the reasons there might always be a WAT tour. Simply put:

It was amazing . . .

Here is one the poets that participated in the tour this year, my partner in crime - Marlon Lizama. This man is the real deal. I have known and worked with him in the poetry world for quite a while and I am always astounded by his writing ability and spark. He pulls no punches and is way to hard on himself (in poetry) and absolutely loves to fight with me over weather or not I should memorize my *ish.  Just take a look. . .

I hope you guys enjoyed it!!!

What else is new?  Well, I talked to the owner of Bohemeo's Art House (Mr. Lupe O.) and he is on board to start a monthly event for poetry on the east side of town!!!!  Totally hyped about this!!!  SO, stay tuned as we get that ready to rock!!! If you have any ideas as to what we should call this, please let me know. So far, and I once i talk to Stephen, I think it might be fair to name it after the word around  town tour and work with Bohemeo's to "showcase" poets from all over town there . . . Stay tuned.

My next update should be later tonight with some details about a NEW writing workshop I will be hosting!!! Busy, busy, busy

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