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03 August, 2010

Ode to English Teachers

Buenos Dias Gente,

It is a bright and shinny Tuesday morning in August and since I am about to start back teaching (this time, 3rd and 4th grade writing), I figured now would be a good time to share with you some of the books that rocked my world. That, and pay my respects to all English teachers everywhere, even if we hated their class and the books they made us read, you still remember them. It influences you. 

If you ever get the privilege of thanking your former teachers, do so. Especially your English teachers. So, Mrs. T. If you are out there reading this, THANK YOU, GRACIAS, and OBRIGADO, for helping me figure out life - with books. 
And Mrs. T, I do apologize. I am still trying to finish Sound and the Fury. Oops.  

O.k. lets get cracking!!  Below are some of the books that built this brain. Remember, some of them you have neeeeeevvvveeerrrr heard of, and that is cool. I owe that to Mrs. T.  If you loved to read, she would find something for you. SO, some of the books are actually ones, she gave me from her own stockpile at her blessed home. I nagged the hell out of her and she gave me those. They were some dog-eared books with all her beautiful hand writing in the margins or in corners. Each time I read them I will always remember what she would say - " the best kind of book is given and worn - it lets you see what its former owner thinks, it lets you see how the book was a part of them and now, a part of you." So anyways, here are those books first, then I will list the books she gave us to read in class.

Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee by DEE BROWN
I read this book while in college. Mrs. T gave me the book as I was graduating with the explicit instructions - "read this when you are finally feeling comfortable in your new home". I did. It f*ked me up!!!  This book gives you an account, rather the history of some of the Native American tribes from their perspective. It is relevant even today. No dates, no reference to month, just an insight to how a culture viewed what was happening to them. 

Edgar Allen Poe: Complete Tales and Poems
I. Have. A. Man-crush. His name id Edgar. He is the bomb. He is an alkie and my absolute favorite writer. All his work is macabre and dark. Since I have a love for horror movies, ghost stories and legends, this man fits me. I love all his work. If I could meet him, I would. He would creep me out, but that would be o.k.  Read anything by him. It makes your skin crawl and your senses trick you. Yes, it is that good.  One of my favorite works of his wasn't even one of his more famous one's - its called Hop Frog. Read it here:
Its a bit of a sad tale, but the revenge in it, is like none other!! 

O.k. so for now, I must leave you with just these two books!!!  If you don't have them, get them. Tomorrow, I should be in LAS VEGAS for a teacher conference and should have time to give you the rest of the academic list of books . . . wow time flies. 

What are your favorite books??  Let me know. reply to this or shoot me an email at 

I don't even know if people read this stuff!!! But I would love to know what some of your favorite books are. Who know, everybody might just get a new favorite out of this, or at least a good read.   Enjoy the day!!!  

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