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03 July, 2010

Immigration Nation Art Show

So this is the event I will be working with this evening... please come out and support art!!!  

Es un placer trabajar con un grupo tan distinguido . . .  
de 7 a 11pm 708 B Telephone Rd. - Houston Institute For Culture (HIFC)

We are excited to showcase our artists with their unique perspectives on the immigrant experience and their views of the current immigration environment. 

Representatives from various political organizations including the Democratic, Republican and Green party, as well as candidates that will be on the ballot, will be registering voters and answering questions. Come out and become engaged in your community and support our artists!

Fresh Art! Local Vendors, & Community Organizations. Dont' miss out being part of an interactive and informative art show!! 

Participating Artists
·· Antonio Briones
·· Joe Carillo
·· Erick Castillo aka Cutthroat
·· Tom Gandy
·· Giovanni Gonzalez
·· Raul Gonzalez
·· Jennifer Jones
·· Amanda Kinnebrew
·· Christian Navarrete
·· Lizbeth Ortiz
·· Mark Pinon
·· Pablo Sanchez
·· Rafael Villarreal

·· Jerry Beauchemin
·· Lupe Mendez
·· Sehba Sarwar

Info & Organizations - More to be announced!
·· Harris County Democrats
·· Maria Jimenez, Director
of the Immigration Law
Enforcement Monitoring
Project (LEMP)
·· Sehba Sarwar from Voices
Breaking Boundaries
·· Pastor Jezer Urena, community
activist and organizer

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