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26 January, 2012

GET on the BUS!!!!

Hello Gente,

So now this is a weekly thing. I admit its fun (granted its only the second time, whatev...). Now lets get on with my two new tid-bits of news. So if you read last weeks post, you probably have seen this video:

If you have seen it, then good, you are in the know and should have already spread this around to friends, donated some money or books or plan to donate some money or books. So far, the planning is on fire and the support is amazing. The coverage is stagering  and the list of authors keeps growing!!  If you want to keep up to date on what is going on, check out the LIBROTRFICANTE website. All the most major details are there. As it stands we are still in need of financial support to make sure we can get warm bodies and the books all the way to Tucson, AZ.  I can not stress enough the need to support this effort - the fact that TUSD has removed texts that analyze and depict the history and stuggle of Mexicans and Mexican-Americans is brutal and unjust. If we can't deny the law, we can sure as hell defy it.  Please read the press release. SUPPORT. DONATE. SPEAD THE WORD. As it stands, we aren't the only one's making a stand. CHECH THIS OUT.
Now to other book/poetry related issues!!!!

Join Outspoken Bean for Subject & Sustenance: A Poetry Conservatory

Houston Poets Outspoken Bean and Nyne(two of my favorite poets!!!) curate an evening of authentic, beautiful poetry. Beginning with a Writer’s Workshop, participating writers feature their creations during Open Mic.

Time: Workshop @ 6p, Open Mic @ 7:30p
Date: Every Saturday Night
Place: The Eat Gallery (4420 Almeda)
Cost: $5 at the Door (Credit/Debit Cards Are Ok!)


Formerly Gs and Zs, The Eat Gallery continues the legacy of Gs and Zs, valuing our community’s entrepreneurs and supporting their decision to live their dreams.

Show your support!!!

for a Grad school update (as if you really wanted to know)...

Bueno, esto al punto de terminar mi solicitud para La Unviersidad de Tejas en El Paso ( I am just about finished with my application to UTEP) y no creo que puderia hacerlo sin el apoyo de Icess Fernandez, Tammy Gomez y Radames Ortiz - these guys rock!!  They were able to help out by creating recommendation letters for this little ole' poet... I am forever in there debt!! Mil Gracias!!!!  So with that almost done, I am now working on applying for the next three schools: Warren Wilson, Queens Univ. of Charlotte and Pacific Univ. Each of these schools has a Low -Residency MFA in poetry that meets my needs and would an amazing experience!! 

WARREN WILSON is the #1 School in the U.S. and from what I have read up on, its a program that would challange me in thought and practice. It holds two 10 day workshops twice a year until the MFA is completed and in-depth as well.

Press Release
Press Release
PACIFIC UNIVERISTY is located in Oregan and from what I have been able to read up on, it is a serious program. Their program focuses on developing the writer and it appriciates the diversity the writer brings to the program.

The Last school (of the three) is QUEENS UNIVERSITY OF CHARLOTTE - This program is intense in that it requires the student to take a double amount of seminar classes as well as the standard coursework. Of the three programs, the facutly of this school seems to be the most culturally diverse.  That's a plus. So, up until March 1st, that's what I will be working on. SO wish me luck. After these schools, all I have left is Goddard College and then Naropa University!!! 

18 January, 2012

New YEAR, New start (sort of . . .)

Hey Gente,   So there is lots to talk about and as I type this, I realize I should be using this thing alot more often. SO with that said, this space will be a WEEKLY (or as close to weekly as I can get) POSTING for more than just happenings of a poetic life, but rather a place I can also set up some ideas and talk about literary movements (and stagnation).

WITH THAT SAID, lets move on to some news.
1) ITS OFFICIAL!!!! I AM APPLYING FOR GRAD SCHOOL - and you get to see where I am trying to get in. The first two schools on my list (not necessarily in order of importance, but probably by due dates) are Bard College and The University of Texas @ El Paso .  In truth, I never, ever thought about advancing past my bachelors degree from The University of St. Thomas, and maybe that was foolish. I probably should have done this sooner, but then again, maybe I needed the time to build up my writing, my experience and the connections. By the time you read this, I have already turned in my application to Bard College and am currently working on the one for UTEP. Wish me luck!!!

Don't worry, I am not quitting my day job. I don't think I would be a productive writer if I had all that time on my hands. In addition, I have a whole life that I just can't and wouldn't uproot. So, it looks like low-residency programs are what I will be looking at!!

Bard College attracts me because of the fact that the program is set up to build up artists, by having each candidate mix it up with artists in other fields. That is an amazing feat I would love to undertake- being able to work with other artists and learn a little about what an artistic process is for them.  The program takes place 2 months in NY state (Annandale on Hudson) and then I come back to H-town and keep working from here on what I started there.

UTEP looks to be the program that might also fit because it is takes place all on-line!!  Its a pace I think I can work with (just me and a professor I can bug with questions). The challenge here is figuring the pace and energy to work with, since I will only have my work and my thoughts to inspire what I create.

Let's see what happens . . .



You want to be one to?  First watch this Video and then I can explain:
(click on the link) Libro -Traficantes 

Did you like the Video? Good -So if you want to know what's up? here is the deal in a nut shell - Arizona State Senate Bill - HB2281 basically bands ethnic studies in the state. Its already in place and there are people working to fight it already. But for now, is a blow to Latinos and basically any minority.   And it can only get worse. IT has gotten worse: as of yesterday, the Tucson Unified School District did away with Mexican-American Studies as a program in the district and by doing so has also declared that the texts used in the courses are now BANNED BOOKS. Yes. You read that right. If you want to know what books are out, let me give you a short run down - basically anything by Jimmy Santiago Baca, Sandra Cisneros, Dagoberto Gilb, Paulo Freire, and Shakespeare. Yep. HERE IS THE FULL LIST 

As of now, I think I am going to work on buying me some books and lend them out to some "friends" in another state. Care to join me?  At the very least I am going to work on an extensive list of the next set of books they can ban. Hell, TUSD administrators informed Mexican-American studies teachers to stay away from any units where “race, ethnicity and oppression are central themes" - and I know they didn't get every book, what about the Diary of Ann Frank? What about The Help? What about Dr. Seuss' the LORAX?  So, let me get to work on that... BE READY, we might be taking a trip...