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01 July, 2010

Lo Que Hay de Nuevo!!! What's NEW!!!

hey peeps, please check this out!!!  
I few friends are presenting some of their artwork. 
Please support them if you can!!!!

*Roots of Rebellion*

Houston, TX (July 10, 2010) – Five Houston visual artists salute
Independence Day and ‘The Spirit of ’76’ in the *Roots of
Rebellion*photography exhibition opening 8 p.m. Saturday, July 10,
2010 at Dean’s
Credit Clothing in Montrose (315 Fairview St.)

Liana Lopez, Bryan Parras, Hadeel Assali, Burnell McCray and Stephanie Saint
Sanchez present visual testimony of the seeds of rebellion and protest from
coastal Louisiana, Houston, Mexico City and Palestine.  The works reveal
brief glimpses from front lines of communities in tension including Gulf
Coast fisher communities affected by the still uncontainable oil-spill,
scenes that transport observers to a checkpoint in Palestine and a nude
almost celebratory-seeming protest of a stolen presidential election in
Mexico City.

*Liana Lopez* is the producer and co-host of *Nuestra Palabra: Latino
Writers Having Their Say* broadcast weekly on 90.1 FM / Radio.) She is also the recipient of a
Houston Arts
Alliance Emerging Artist. She curated and exhibited her work, and the work
of nine others, in Houston Vanguard: Documenting Contemporary Social Justice
Movements as part of biannual Fotofest 2010.

*Bryan Lucas Parras* is co-founder of Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy
Services (T.E.J.A.S), a Houston non-profit environmental organization.  He
is a multi-media documentarian who focuses on rapid response video
journalism to cover breaking regional environmental justice news and a 2009
Gulf Coast Fellowship for Community Transformation recipient.

*Hadeel Assali* is a Palestinian-American originally from the Gaza strip.  She
is an engineer living and working in Houston and the founder of the Houston
Palestine Film Festival.

*Burnell McCray* is a Houston-based fine art and documentary photographer
with over 10 years experiences photographing for Voices Breaking Boundaries

*Stephanie Saint Sanchez*, Houston filmmaker and multi-media artist, is
founder of La Chicana Laundry Pictures and the Houston’s annual Señorita
Film Festival.

The exhibition runs through August 6, 2010.  For more information, go to
contact Liana Lopez at or 713-416-5088.

Facebook Event Page link:

and I got some news from MECA that might prove interesting. . . but I will save that for tomorrow . . . 

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