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27 July, 2010

JUST an update!!!!

Hey Gente,

Alot going on right now!!!  Currently, I just finished the first Writers Workshop with the Houston Institute For Culture (HIFC), this past Saturday, and it was an awsome experience !!  The participants are super insightful and their energy is amazing. I am grateful to have met such wonderful thinkers. If you still want to sign up, please do!!! THREE MORE SESSIONS LEFT!!!!

You can go to  to get further info, or just email at

So with my last post, I put up a video of my boy, Marlon Lizama, and I received a few comments about how good it was, so I think I will continue to post people's performances as I catch them.  And though I am not as stylish as Marlon, I will post some of my own performances. This is one from a while ago taken by a dear friend, Tony Parana - - an amazing painter and capoeirista.  Thanks TONY!!!

This second one is from an event I did with Radames Ortiz. This performance was ONLY amazing with the help of some true artists and fellow capoeiristas - Tony "Parana" Rodrigues and Isani "Pirata" Cayetano. With their rhythms and beat , I was able to make up a proper performance. Thank you gentleman. It was a great time!!!

Click on the link and enjoy!!!

Hit me up later. And if you have any video of my performances, please let me know. Suddenly feel kinda dumb for not ever recording any of my own . . . LOL. Gotta start that up at some point. :)

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