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04 August, 2010

Ode to English Teachers Part II

Good Morning Gente,

Si estas leyendo esto, gracias. Les escribo desde Las Vegas. I am at a conference for my school and had a moment!!  It actually gives me a moment to catch up and fill you in on books (poetry or other wise) that make my head spin. Again the thanks goes to Mrs. T. - my high school English teacher. Below is a list of books that she presented and have stuck out in my mind for a very long time. Let me know if you have ever read any of these books . . .


This book fills out the geek/sci-fi in me. Premise of the book: an un-named man runs into another man covered in tattoos.  Tattoos come to life and tell a different story. Bunch of short stories, very good read.

THE SOUND AND THE FURY - William Falkner

Mrs. T. if you read this. I am sorry I never finished this book in school. Sadly, I don't think my brain was mature enough (or I just didn't take the time) to catch how great it is. IF you read it before, try reading it again now as an adult, and it reads differently.


  This is a book I really didn't appreciate until I started teaching.
Amazing read. Even snipers read it. wow.

O.k. So, I am still waiting for folks to comment on their books. So please, let me know what you read.

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