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18 October, 2011

In The Works

Hey Gente,

Hope all is well on your side of the screen. As for me, things keep looking up!!  To start off, I decided to experiment a little bit and hit up an area I knew little about: E-PUBLISHING!!!  As of now (more like 2 weeks ago), I have a collection of poems ON-LINE and for SALE!!! (That was the link, go ahead, click on it.) Calmate, calmate, its nothing totally outragious nor graciosos - rather, something quite basic actually.  After speaking to a dear friend (Mr. Tony Diaz, thanks!!!), who put the bug in my ear, I decided that instead of creating a standard chapbook for print and sale (mas barato que antes!!) at $5.00, Tony came up with idea like this - "lets experiment: do your book, but lets get it on BARNES & NOBLE and see if we can sell it ON-LINE " . The Basic point is to see what people do when they find out poetry or literature is available for real cheap (this e-chapbook is $3).  So, if you want some poetry for real cheap, then please, please, please, purchase away. I will be keeping tabs on sales and will compare to when I have sold the chapbook before.

Here are the details:

This collection of poetry and prose are the latest works from Lupe Mendez. This set is focused on more raw energy and roots, chaos and memories. The pieces included have been written as early as July of 2001 and as recent as September of 2011.

This collection is unique for this poet: it will mark the first time that I take my work straight to the world wide web (do people still say that?). Each section is set up as acts in play, themed by emotion, each poem is a scene and story.

Enjoy the work . . .  And check out Tony's latest project, AZTEC MUSE,  very classy!!!



So last night, I finally got a chance to check up on some e-mails and low and behold, I got an e-mail from fellow poet - Christopher Carmona (if you haven't read or heard his work, try it, you'll be better for it), out of Texas A&M. Currently, Mr. Carmona is working on hosting the 1st Annual BEAT POETRY & ARTS FESTIVAL and on top of that, he is ambitiously editing an anthology of Beat Texas writings for UT Press with Chuck Taylor and Rob Johnson, entitled - The Beatest State in the Union: A Texas Beat Poetry Anthology. I mention this, because in the e-mail I got last night, they have graciously added one of my pieces to the anthology!!!

So far, so good.   Oh yeah, if you want to be a part of the beat-fest, then register for it, here!! Pero, 'amonos, porque el ultimo dia de regristracion es el jueves, el 20 de octubre.  Hurry up!!  Deadline is this thursday!!!

Hope your day is as good as mine.

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